Church of England Seems To Be Embracing Change

Church of England Seems To Be Embracing Change when it come to the rights of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) in Northern Ireland, if Paul Givan would lessen to what Dr David Ison who is Dean of the Anglican Cathedral which is in Liverpool, it might put some sort of sense in hes head. Dr David Ison seems to have a good understanding on how to revive the teaching of the church.

The DUP is taking sides with  Fr Tim Bartlett and the Catholic Church in trying to push a bill through where the likes of  a business can refuse anyone who is LGBT their business, It was drafted by DUP Paul Givan, who said that Christians “do not feel there is space being made for their religious beliefs”. Find more information on ““.

Dr David Ison talks on a YouTube clip which he says “We are in a situation where because of its views about women and about gay people, the church has been seen as toxic or oppressive. “That breaks my heart, that that should be the case, when the church is there to bear witness to freedom, life and hope in the world. Let’s see what we can do to change that.” more on this story on ( or watch the clip from the link below.

Understanding that there might be some Catholic Priests who are willing to embrace change and well come LGBT Christians into the Church to practice their faith, but honestly it will never be the case if they a willing to join the outrages and disgusting views of Paul Givan and the DUP. I would love to hear from you guys and see what sort of views you have on the LGBT rights of today whether you are LGBT or not even if you agree with Paul Givan and the DUP, after all we are all entitled to free speech.

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I am 35, and currently studding at the VTOS in Navan. I am hopping to raise awareness on homophobia in Ireland, and the information I will be sharing will be all facts and some of my own opinions on equality.

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