The Race To Equality Is Now

I have being very busy since my last post, as most of you know I am behind the push for a Yes Vote in Athboy and have the page Athboy Yes Equality Have a look, like and share if you could. It amazes me that the No campaign are using all sorts words like “to resist attempts at emotional blackmail” so in my view and being a strong Yes Campaigner, I’m being accused of emotionally blackmailing people in to Voting Yes, you can see this for yourself if you want to look at their page, I’m not even going to put a link to the page as I hate them.


The race to equality is now with only 15 days left till polling day and the debates have started since last week and so far in my view I believe the Yes side are coming out the strongest with the most rationale points of view. As a gay man at the age of 35 I want a Yes vote outcome as do my friends because they and I want to see the island where we live, to have no prejudice against the people who they care about because of their sexuality and whether or not we want to marry in the first place.

Please take in all the information you can on the run up to the referendum and study it till you have made your own mind and talk with your friends, family and even the odd gay person. I leave you with this, I remember growing up and hiding the fact that I was gay because of what people would think of me and who they would treat me, would they love me would they disown me would I have to leave my home town because I may never find love because people wont except me just because I am GAY. Well that was in the 90’s and now it’s 2015 and yes people “there are still young people out there thinking the same right now” and there will be in 10 years time if we don’t stand together on May the 22nd and VOTE YES as I said the race for equality is now.


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Darren Dineen

I am 35, and currently studding at the VTOS in Navan. I am hopping to raise awareness on homophobia in Ireland, and the information I will be sharing will be all facts and some of my own opinions on equality.

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