Cop on Ireland Time For Change


Cop on Ireland Time For Change there is something not right with people if they can push another human been to the point of trying to take there own life. This is happen and closer to you then you may think, as a gay man at the age of 35 I only am starting to hear about the cruel and sad things that done and said to other LGBT.

There is noting wrong with been gay and wanting to love like anyone else in the world, it is the most beautiful thing win the world to be loved and it narrow minded people who drive a wedge between lovers of any kind.

This is going to be the 1st of many posts ill be putting up on been gay and how it effects my life or doesn’t, I will also love to hear some of your storys on coming out, the good times and bad times. We all had them. plz have a look at the link, I think if this happened to me I would not be as strong.

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Darren Dineen

I am 35, and currently studding at the VTOS in Navan. I am hopping to raise awareness on homophobia in Ireland, and the information I will be sharing will be all facts and some of my own opinions on equality.

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